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Windshield wipers not working in cold weather radar

Feb 16, 2015 Icy streets, bitter cold on the way for greater Chattanooga area NICK AUSTIN.S FORECAST preparations necessary to quickly and efficiently address any potential winter weather problems, said Deal. with a blanket or some other large cloth, anchoring it in the doors and under the windshield wipers. Jan 7, 2015 If wiper blades are frozen to the windshield, do not turn the wipers on to free the blades. This can damage the wiper blade motor. Instead. Apr 30, 2014 Weather middot. Radar middot. Traffic middot. StormPins middot. Hurricane HQ middot. Sports If windshield wipers do not work properly, it can make it difficult to see in wet-weather conditions. For drivers who live in regions with cold climates, or areas with a lot of their windshield wipers more frequently to clean away snow and rain.

Jan 22, 2014 Temperatures middot. L

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