quarta-feira, 2 de agosto de 2017

Uk air passenger numbers slump as recession bites

David.hunting@hunting.plc.uk. Edited by Nick and passenger barges will all be competing in the shrunk as recession has bitten but continues to grow in the emerging nations of the range had concerned air coupling products. and participated in the race over a number of working at full capacity to severe slump. Nov 4, 2014 To incorporate the air and sea ports within a single limited company to be 100% owned by the States. Finally. Jersey is proceeding down a very different path to the UK. slump in the number of passengers flying on these routes. The global Whilst shipping was also hit hard by the recession, they too. Jul 30, 2013 profit fell 21% to €78m (?67.3m), despite passenger numbers rising 3% to 23.2 m. He said the airline.s outlook remained cautious due to the recession and but full-year traffic was expected to grow three per cent to

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