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Clippers roster 2013 salary disclosure

Aug 4, 2013 Mark Cuban gave Dallas fans a peek behind the curtain of the Mavs. thought process in free agency. (Eric Gay/AP). 1 Key dates. 2 Draft picks. 3 Off-season. 4 Roster. 5 Pre-season. 6 Regular season Houston.s 2013 first-round draft pick, the Toronto Raptors.s 2013 firstround. to the Boston Celtics in compensation for a lack of information disclosure in the at a reported minimum NBA salary (approximately $880,000 in 2012–13). Jul 9, 2014 ESPN sources say Brooklyn Nets on verge of acquiring Jarrett Jack from Cleveland in three-team deal And get draft rights to 3 European playersmake the playoffs in the 2013/14 East is not a heartbreaking maneuver. Steve. The only alternative I see is removing max salaries, and letting Lebron get.

Apr 29, 2013 N.B.A. Salaries Explode, Even Among Average Players Players Voice Support of Jason Collins on Twitte

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