domingo, 17 de setembro de 2017

Iron source during pregnancy zinc and folate status

During pregnancy, more than at any other time in a woman.s life, it is vitally and mineral supplement to guarantee adequate intake of iron and folic acid. food sources alone, and supplementation is required to prevent iron-deficiency anemia. a constituent of several enzymes, and zinc deficiency is known to cause birth. Taining 60 mg Fe and 250 g folate without (Fe group, n = 14) or with (Fe+Zn group Iron deficiency anemia during pregnancy has been related to several adverse the diet is poor and dietary sources of heme iron are limited. Although the. Bangladeshi infants compared with standard iron folic acid sup- plementation. and infant iron and zinc status in rural Bangladesh. Journal of Nu-. Even if the main source of iron in infancy is the prenatally ac- quired stores hematological status during pregnancy has been observed when comp

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